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What's New 7-8-22

Metric Music International

Metricís newest collection of electro-indie drags you from the abyss that is our current day-to-day, acknowledging the fragile fate of life whilst encouraging you to appreciate the here and now. Itís dark and claustrophobic, but dreamy and imaginative with grand, cinematic synth arrangements. Lead singer Emily Haines describes it as, ďan escape for yourself in your mind because you're powerless over so many things."


Introduced to the world ten years ago, Sandť has become an icon of British singer-songwriting; emotional, honest, and prolific. Now, Sandť has freed herself from the expectations of others in order to make an album of expansive creativity. Something of an artistic rebirth, it draws on old familiarities and brave beginnings, uniting fans old and new in her endless drive to use music as a tool for inspirational lift.

Show Dog

Something's happening in country music. Newer artists and younger audiences are embracing instrumentation, vocal stylings and song structures long thought drowned in the ocean of slick, snap-track productions. Kimberly Kelly's debut album may prove to be the clarion call. "I like to think of it as a sub-genre of country music called 'country music,'" Kelly says with a wink.

New West

Ways & Means finds the New Orleans five-piece leaning on the country-folk of their debut along with the psychedelic, electrified gospel-soul sound of 2016ís Hurry Home. The sound will continue to draw comparisons to the country-funkiness of The Band, Link Wray and others but this is the sound of a band that understands the history of American music, while embracing their own contemporary approach.


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