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What's New 8-19-22


“When we started this record,” says guitarist Zoltan Bathory, “there was an excitement of impending musical adventures. We knew we could step away as far as we wanted to; there was a freedom of truly anything goes.” Fear not FFDP fans, the trademark blend of savage riffing and catchy vocal hooks over a rhythm section of thunderous, headbang-worthy grooves is still there. *Ltd. Ed. Opaque Yellow LP*

New Machine Recordings

Produced by Butch Vig (Nirvana, Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins), Physical Thrills spans through an eclectic mix of distorted synths, pop-tinged danceable tunes, pared-down ballads, and a collection of “dream shanties” melodies that are all interconnected with each other into a cohesive body of work. *Ltd. Ed. Violet Double LP*


Bleed Out is all pent-up energy and explosion, executed by a bunch of friends who were mainly happy to be in a room together making loud noises. In January 2021, just weeks after Darnielle had started writing, his bandmates Peter Hughes, Matt Douglas, and Jon Wurster joined him at a studio in the woods near his home in Chapel Hill. Everything was finished inside a week. *Ltd. Ed. Yellow Double LP*

Provogue Records

Ride provides an emotional release-valve - both for its creator and listeners - perhaps this veteran artist can reconcile with his past, accept his future and live in the present as it unfolds. "I think you can interpret this album title a few different ways," Trout concludes. "I mean, this album is definitely a musical ride and I certainly tried to cover a lot of ground. But, really, life is kind of a ride too, isn't it? And I want to live mine to the fullest."

The Players Club

As a six-time Grammy Award Winner, Paich has contributed to over 2,000 albums, shaping the sound of popular music as a songwriter, producer, vocalist and primary composer of the seminal band TOTO. "Forgotten Toys is made up of odds and ends of tunes that I've carried in my head for years," David states. Music is much more than the soundtrack of his life. As one of its architects, it is his life. *Transparent Blue LP*


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