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What's New 9-22-23


A defining album of the 90s, Last Splash by The Breeders turns 30 this year. To celebrate, the band have returned to the original tapes to give it its first-ever remaster, and by doing so have also unearthed two lost tracks that will delight fans– “Go Man Go” and “Divine Mascis” (a different version of “Divine Hamme” with Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis on lead vocals).

New West

After forty years of marriage, Buddy and Julie Miller have learned to welcome a song however it arrives. Which means their fourth album together sounds lively and diverse, eccentric and slightly askew: a deeply soulful collision of mournful gospel, dusty country, cosmic blues, lusty rockabilly, ecstatic R&B, and anything else that crosses their minds.


Petey is a one-of-a-kind, multi-hyphenate artist with heart, singular wit, unique vision and an expansive sonic range. Using a combination of arpeggiated synthesizers, distorted guitars and shouted vocals, Petey is unflinchingly candid as he examines depression, anxiety, masculinity and heartbreak with his music and new record.

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