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What's New 5-3-24

charlotte day wilson
XL Recordings

Cyan Blue finds Wilson crafting a smoothly woven tapestry of her eternal influences; thumping gospel piano, warm soul basslines, atmospheric electronics, and penetrating R&B melodies. Yet, it rings in a new era for Wilson, one in which she's embracing collaboration and newfound creative openness tinged with a reflection on youthful innocence.

dua lipa
Warner Records

Infused with the energy of Dua's hometown, London, the attitude of the album embodies the rawness, honesty, confidence and freedom of `90s Britpop. Radical Optimism transports its listener to a dreamy pop world rich in musicality, lyrically unapologetic and sonically liberating. Find the pure joy of having clarity in situations that once seemed impossible to face.

emily nenni
New West Records

As Nenni swerves between lush melodies and jaunty ditties, steely sentiments and intimate words, she maps an album that is honest and feisty, a little messy but never off course. Drive & Cry is a freshly sharpened display of the artist's already singular talents, marking another vintage-sheened opus for the road.

kamasi washington

Washington creates a playground and invites friends (George Clinton, D Smoke, Andre 3000, Thundercat) to be themselves. Fearless Movement is an unabashed, cross-country, transgenerational manifestation and celebration of Black American music, pushing it forward from a deep love of its past not just in the spirit of community but in its actual presence.

frank turner
Xtra Mile Recordings Ltd.

A triumphant return to Turners indie roots, Undefeated showcases his undiminished zeal and raw musical power. This album, passionately self-produced at his home studio on Mersea Island, represents a creative renaissance for Turner, embracing the spirit of independence with his steadfast band, The Sleeping Souls.

Three Six Zero/gamma.

Record number six from the superstar musician follows 2022s rock-heavy Coping Mechanism and the previous years pop-punk-leaning lately I feel EVERYTHING, this time with another genre switch. With appearances from St. Vincent and Jon Baptiste, emotions spill as Smith veers toward a new alternative and jazz tinged direction.

Metal Blade

Lauded experimental death metal band Dth has emerged from its 13-year hiatus with a monstrously heavy but beautifully orchestrated album that will haunt anybody fortunate enough to hear it. Band founder/guitarist Eyal Levi has overseen an overhaul of the lineup, though importantly Dth still features force-of-nature vocalist Sean Zatorsky.

Inside Out

While there is no denying the progressive metal heritage that permeates their music, Wheel has a musical identify that is unequivocally distinctive. Fans of bands like Porcupine Tree, Opeth, and yes, Tool, will all find something to love here, but Wheel clearly transcends these comparisons while avoiding the self-indulgence that often plagues progressive music.

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