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Are You Looking to Sell or Trade Your Used Vinyl or CD's??

When bringing larger collections into the store we just ask that you leave the boxes in your car and we will come out and take a look to see before bringing them in the store. Prices paid vary based on:



We are always seeking out-of-the-ordinary and obscure records, however common pop/rock artists of the 70′s / 80′s are especially popular so rarities are not all that we are looking to buy. Value is established upon the following criteria:

Certain artists have titles that are more in demand than others in their catalog. Other titles of theirs may be readily available on the market. We may have too many copies in stock of a title or if it is not one of the artistsí more sought after titles on vinyl.

This is the biggest factor. Example: If an album in mint condition sells for $25 on ebay and the same title is brought in that has split seams, ring wear and scuffs on the vinyl, common sense dictates it is not worth the same as the one in mint condition. Vinyl buyers are typically very picky about condition of the vinyl and jacket. We do not purchase LPís without sleeves.

This is based on current selling prices. If an album sold for a certain price 3 or 5 years ago and the market value has dropped or increased, we pay accordingly. Again, condition is a BIG factor. We want to be fair when it comes to purchasing your vinyl. Supply and demand is always the general rule. If something is rare that doesnít necessarily mean it is in demand. If there is enough supply to meet demand, an item may not be as rare as originally thought.


We are interested in almost all genres except for classical and most country. Jazz, Rock and Roll and Blues are typically our most popular genres but we have very diverse customers so we will entertain almost all genres.

CDís /DVDís

We buy all types of CDís, DVDís and music videoís. Prices paid vary on to what we have in stock and current market value for a particular title. CDís, DVDís having scuffs and/or scratches we pay $1 less per title due to the labor and supplies required to repair these items by attempting to restore them close to the original condition.

Certain titles are more sought after than others. Example: if an artist had one big record that
continually sells but several other albums in their catalog that do not sell, there simply may be no demand.

We do buy CDís & DVDís that are in good-very good condition as well as scratched discs. PLEASE NOTE: As time and labor are required to clean scratched discs (and sometimes they are not repairable), we pay less for discs that are scratched.

If we already have too many copies of a title, we will pass on it.
If no one has bought one of the 2 copies we already have, we donít need a 3rd.

We carry music memorabilia and are always interested in looking at items you may want to sell or trade.

Autographed items cannot always be authenticated. For this reason they are not usually accepted to protect ourselves and the consumer. Please contact us or bring it in for us to see in person.

We buy and sell new and used turntables, amplifers and receivers in working condition.

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